Bishop the Rev’d Christine M. Gooden Benguche

My Brothers and Sisters,

On behalf of the clergy and laity of the Jamaica District of the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas (MCCA), I welcome you to our website!

We are celebrating over 230 years of Methodist witness in Jamaica, and our operations in this period are guided by our strategic plan. The church having been raised up by God to Spread Scriptural Holiness throughout the land has to recognize that transformation will come not merely by speaking, but through action.

Our emphasis on ‘Caring for the Environment – Caring for Souls’ while creating a “church without walls” calls for integral action on the part of the church for Mission and Outreach within the communities where the congregations are located.

I challenge us to recognize that it cannot be business as usual because if the church serves only those that attend worship and does not benefit the environs within which it exists, then we need to carefully revisit our practices.

We are now challenged to pay particular attention to protecting the environment with the chief objective being to care and protect and earnestly love each other.

May your struggles keep you near the Cross;
May your troubles show that you need God;
May your battles end the way they should;
May your bad days prove that God is good;
 And let your whole life prove that God is Good.

Yours in the Master’s Service,

Christine M. Gooden Benguche
President, Jamaica Methodist District