The Women’s League

The Women’s League is a fellowship of women in the Methodist Church seeking to serve God and to equip themselves and others to face the challenges of daily life through fellowship and service. Members find inspiration through prayer, fellowship, the reading of God’s Holy Word and other forms of spiritual enrichment. The Women’s League relates to the District Conference through the Commission on Mission, Evangelism and Education under the MCCA Women’s Commission.


The Motto of the Women’s League is “Sincerity in Service”.

The Aim

To deepen and enrich the worship and witness of the Church by calling women into a fellowship of service, and helping them to follow Christ’s way of life with loyalty and courage, in home, Church and community.


Some practical activities through which the League fulfill its aims include involvement in community projects, holding cottage meetings, visiting the sick and shut-in, conducting worship services, seminars/lectures on social issues, book reviews, bible study, interacting with young peoples groups, financial support to projects in Mission/ Evangelism, Conferences/Seminars.

The Pledge

“I accept the call of God to service, and trusting in His strength I offer myself for the work of the Women’s League in this Church. In all things it shall be my aim to share in the full life of Christ’s Church, and to seek through worship and work to know and to do the will of God in my home, my church and my community so helping to establish His kingdom on earth.”


  1. Mrs. Patricia Newell Pennant – President
  2. Mrs. Sherraine Galbraith – Vice President
  3. Mrs. Angela Williams – Secretary
  4. Miss Pamella McKenzie – Assistant Secretary
  5. Mrs. Marjorie Keen – Treasurer
  6. Mrs. Prudence Brown – Assistant Treasurer

Zone Representatives:

  1. Miss Golda Clarke
  2. Miss Dionne Pinnock
  3. Mrs. Carmen Scobie
  4. Mrs. Joylyn Bryan-Esturine
  5. Mrs. Dorothy Boyd-Brown

Designated Members:

  1. Mrs. Winsome Gordon
  2. Mrs. Shelia Pryce
  3. Mrs. Rose Thomas
  4. Miss Sonia Ross

Other Members:

  1. Mrs. Wendy Litchmore
  2. Miss Cecile Davis
  3. Dr. Angela Rankine Mullings
  4. Rev. Karlene Brown Palmer
  5. Dr. Lois Grant Hector
  6. Mrs. Una Marsh
  7. Rev. Sharon Austin
  8. Rev. Dr. Gillian Wilson